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Graduates should be honest on CVs

Published: Wednesday, 01 August 2007   Category: Career Advice

Graduate jobseekers should avoid stretching the truth on their CVs after it was revealed that almost seven in every ten employees lie about their qualifications.

Research by Peninsula suggests that 66 per cent of workers admit to lying on their CVs while a further 63 per cent lie in interviews about their experience, reports onrec.com

It seems that there is very little remorse for this dishonesty with almost nine in ten say they have no guilt regarding their actions and 82 per cent vowing to do the same in the future to enhance career prospects.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula, commented: "Many believe that their CV is not up to the appropriate standards required for the job and decide to lie on them in order to achieve the much wanted job interview."

He added: "Employers need to enforce necessary background checks on prospective employees past jobs. This will allow the employer to be certain that the candidate is the correct one for the job."

Around 67 per cent of respondents believed that they were employed by companies based on their lies.

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