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Graduates seek freelance university support

Published: Saturday, 31 October 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Graduates have revealed they would like more university support when it comes to understanding freelancer and self-employment opportunities.

According to a study from PolicyBee, 62% of graduates said that the options were not discussed or were barely mentioned.

Freelancing is often seen as an option to boost finances alongside a full-time role, yet many students revealed they did not get told enough information about it, if they were told anything at all.

Nearly a fifth of students said they had been made aware of self-employment and freelancing during their studies but said they were left wanting more information.

Much university support focuses more on finding employment and internship opportunities, and less on entrepreneurialism and self-employment.

Some participants in the study suggested that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not really work before adding that more effort should be made to highlight the many different options that are available.

Half of the people questioned said they had freelanced during their studies to make some extra cash and 44% said it could be a career option if the right support was available.

They reported that they were often left unprepared as they knew the fundamentals of how the market worked but were unsure on the finer details.

Kerri-Ann Hockley commissioned the study and revealed that a growing number of people are turning to self-employment to boost their finances due to current economic conditions.

While an appetite for freelance opportunities and entrepreneurialism is evident in the research, they still need support relating to whether it is the right option for them.

Graduate schemes and internships for example may provide a better option for some, while other students should be encouraged to work for themselves.

Essentially, the study states that more work is needed to highlight what opportunities are available, as more conventional routes of employment might no longer suit some people.

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