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Graduates on work experience should 'know their rights'

Published: Wednesday, 28 October 2009   Category: Work Experience

Employers have a responsibility to make sure that graduate job hunters boosting their skills on work experience placements or internships know their rights.

That is the opinion of the Employers Forum on Age (EFA), which seeks to promote an age diverse workforce.

The organisation wants the government to do more to help clarify the situation for employers taking on graduates in a temporary position.

It said that the country's leaders need to take the initiative to boost the number of work experience placements available for graduates and make sure that employers are not falling foul of regulations for the schemes.

Rachel Krys, campaign director for EFA, said: "Employers need to be very clear and given the right information about what they can and cannot do in terms of work experience and internships."

University College London recently told the Independent that university leavers looking for a graduate job should be able to demonstrate work experience on top of the academic skills.


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