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Graduates needed to fill engineering roles

Published: Tuesday, 01 December 2009   Category: Science, IT and Engineering

The engineering sector in the UK will need to find up to 600,000 graduate job hunters in the next seven years if it is to help Britain out of the recession.

That is according to Engineering and Technology Board, which has released a document claiming that the industry will need to encourage more young people to gain a degree in the subject in order to fill graduate job positions, the Guardian reported.

Employers saw a 30 per cent decline in the number of university lecturers teaching courses in engineering this year, according to the study, and the sector will need to reverse this trend by offering more graduate jobs.

"Shortages of new engineers and of the further education lecturers to train them could seriously jeopardise [a rebalance of the economy], impacting on successful British industries including manufacturing, aerospace and construction," the report said.

However, civil engineering firm Atkins recently told the newspaper that interest in the industry has been boosted by high starting salaries in the field and a lack of graduate job vacancies in London.


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