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Graduates need to consider future development

Published: Wednesday, 26 March 2008   Category: Work Experience

Having a vocational degree does not necessarily mean a graduate is ideally prepared for employment when they leave university, according to one expert.

Suggesting that often additional training may be required, Mike Hill, chief executive of Graduate Prospects, said that the degree a person has is less imprtant than "whether as an individual [they] have identified what they want to do".

Although some people may have a vocational degree, if they are not motivated and prepared, they may well be "at a disadvantage to those people who have done non-vocational degrees, but who have thought about employability, work experience and identified what they want to do", he stated.

In related news, the Kenexa Research Institute recently reported that employee job satisfaction may be boosted by goal development, regular feedback from managers and tracking progress, according to Management Issues.

Organisations which were found to focus on talent management generally had more satisfied employees.

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