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Graduates May Do Best by Moving Abroad

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: Graduate jobs

Following the recent statistics that competition for UK graduate positions has reached an all time high, many recent graduates are being encouraged to look for work overseas.

Recent statistics revealed that there was an average of 83 applicants for each graduate job position in the UK. Such a fierce level of competition has caused confusion for many graduates about what their next move should be.

But new evidence has now emerged which suggests there could be several opportunities for graduates who would consider a move to pursue their career abroad.

Atiyah Wazir-Meadows, from the career website Eurograduate, has suggested there is a definite demand for British students abroad.

“Many international and high profile companies have headquarters in non-English speaking companies, yet require English speaking staff. UK graduates can sometimes have an advantage in these situations,” commented Wazir-Meadows.

This could be seen as an increasingly attractive proposition to a UK graduate community who are facing unprecedented levels of competition.

Even though recent figures emerged showing that the number of jobs available have increased on last year, the amount of people applying for those positions has also risen.

The quality is said to be not nearly as high as the quantity of applications but that is likely to be of little comfort to graduates in general.

The truth is that the overseas option is likely to become increasingly viable as the months pass without any successful interviews or applications.

Graduates will probably find that their options are thinning and that the adventure associated with a move abroad will gain real lustre.

There are likely to be other benefits associated with a move abroad as well. It obviously offers the great opportunity to learn a new culture and potentially a new language.

These are life skills that all graduates could use later in life. Indeed, such a move could enhance your long term career prospects as it certainly demonstrates a good work ethic and a great deal of initiative.

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