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Graduates' impact on business 'should be acknowledged'

Published: Thursday, 14 February 2008   Category: Graduate Job sector Reports

The impact of graduates on individual businesses should not be underestimated, an expert has advised.

Job vacancy advertising site Graduates Yorkshire has stated that, with the economy in transition, it is crucial that employers fully realise the benefits of graduate employees as they represent a creative resource "waiting to be tapped", reports Growing Business

This comes in the light of a new report conducted on behalf of Graduates Yorkshire, which found that many of the annual 4,000 graduates are being swayed toward knowledge-intensive public sector jobs.

This means that many small businesses are losing out and they are being urged to do more to attract and retain local graduate talent, according to the report.

Commenting on the issue, Mark Hepworth, author of the report and a director at Geoeconomics, said that small businesses must do more to attract and retain young talent.

"To ensure the potential benefits of the homing instinct are realised for the local knowledge economy, Yorkshire and other regional agencies, must persuade business employers - especially SME's - to innovate and invest in young talent," he said.

Geoeconomics is a research and strategy consultancy which works on approaches to economic development with and for governments, businesses and third sector organisations.


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