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Graduates confident about job prospects

Published: Wednesday, 26 January 2005   Category: Graduate recruitment | Graduate Job sector Reports

A new survey reveals that 82% of university students are optimistic about their chances of getting a job on graduation.

The latest 'UNITE student experience report', conducted by MORI for the UK's largest provider of student accommodation services, also found that almost as many (81%) felt that university would set them in good stead for their working lives.

In terms of employment expectations, 37% expected to start work straight away in a 'graduate job'; 24% said they'd start to look for a job after graduating; 22% intended to look for temporary work; and a further 19% planned to go travelling.

Most students felt that university life had equipped them with 'the essential soft skills for the world of work' - i.e. the ability to work under pressure (61%), self-confidence (49%), organisational ability (48%) and the ability to work constructively with others (47%). Around one in three also felt they had developed initiative, although only one in five students in their third (or subsequent) year expected to emerge with 'good spelling and grammar skills'  a potential worry for employers.

In terms of business skills, students by and large felt equipped to make speeches and presentations, analyse complex issues and write good reports, although they didn't feel that they'd acquired office skills, business sense or commercial astuteness.

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