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Graduates being kept on file for jobs

Published: Thursday, 20 August 2009   Category: Employer News

With graduate employers reducing their intake of university leavers, those who give a good impression could see themselves be put on a list and offered jobs when the worst of the recession is over.

One engineering firm, Arup, has cut its graduate recruitment by a half to 26 this year but it plans to keep a file of degree-holders who "didn't quite make" the final cut and will keep in regular contact with them.

According to New Civil Engineer, design consultancy Atkins said that graduate employers should be committed to taking on new talent otherwise they will not reap the benefits when the economic situation is better.

Karen Wallbridge, head of recruitment at Atkins, told the news provider: "It would be wrong to let them work for nothing, while job sharing is often impractical and devaluing."

Barbara Phillips-Kerr at Newcastle University recently told bdaily that those needing to find a graduate job this summer will have to respond to increased competition if they are to stand a chance at gaining employment.


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