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Graduates are told to keep learning

Published: Sunday, 22 November 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Despite having spent the last four to seven years learning, taking exams and completing coursework, new graduates are being told to keep studying. 

New graduates from the University Campus Milton Keynes, operated by the University of Bedfordshire, have been advised to continue their learning curve, even after completing their courses.

Although many of these students may expect to loosen up on their learning, Vice-chancellor Bill 
Rammell is telling them otherwise. He told students at their graduation that “you must continue to build on the skills and knowledge you have developed”.

He added: “You mustn’t stop learning. We live in a world that demands and expects us to constantly refine and update our skills.”

His audience

Rammell was so intent on getting his message across, he decided to air his views to a number of graduates including Psychology and Criminal Behaviour students who have studied exclusively at UCMK, as well as to others from the University of Bedfordshire’s regional partner colleges. 

Employers promote continued learning

A number of today’s big firms agree with Rammell’s statement and a large proportion of city firms, especially those in the finance and law industries, will pay for their employees to take exams. Those in these roles are encouraged to keep learning at all times in order to promote their careers. Having a set number of qualifications under your belt will not only benefit you but your employer too, as having highly skilled employees can enable a firm to take a broader range of challenges.

A learning curve

If you’re just starting out in the career world, it's important to grasp the importance of learning today. 

Those refusing to use their skill base will be the ones that fall behind. Those that embrace education will most likely be awarded with a pay rise or a promotion in the long run. 

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