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Graduate jobs: Top 10 skills that employers look for

Published: Tuesday, 24 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News | All Graduate job news

Finding and securing your ideal graduate job can be a lengthy process and candidates are always looking for any hints and tips that will give them the competitive edge. The Kent University website has analysed surveys conducted by a number of organisations including Microsoft, the BBC, NACE and AGR and complied the following top 10 list of essential jobs skills.

1. Business acumen

A good understanding of how a sector operates and what factors make an industry prosper will stand you in good stead with a company.

2. Verbal communication

The ability to communicate ideas effectively to a wide variety of people is crucial for any business. As an employee you are representing the business brand and, as such, your communications should reflect the values and goals of the business.

3. Teamwork

Most jobs will involve working with a team, even if this is on a remote basis. The ability to co-operate with colleagues and support each other will contribute towards the success of a business.

4. Proactive

Using your own initiative to generate ideas or present solutions to corporate problems will give a company confidence that you can tackle tasks independently.

5. Written communication skills

The majority of communication within a company is now done by email, so writing in a clear and concise manner is critical. As you don’t have the benefit of communicating using body language, you have to be doubly careful that you are presenting your thoughts in the correct way.

6. Organisational skills

The ability to manage your own timetable and to prioritise your workload will be welcomed by employers who don’t want to continually micro-manage you as an individual.

7. Flexibility

The ability to think on your feet and respond to the ever changing business environment will ensure you are able to keep up as a business grows.

8. Time management

Being punctual and ensuring that you attend business meetings on time, as well as meeting a host of deadlines is also a valuable skill.

9. Analysing & Investigating

The ability to carry out research, analyse results and draw conclusions will help you to monitor the prospects of a business and react accordingly.

10. Determination

The drive to succeed and to continually achieve the best results will be looked on favourably by companies.

What skills can you bring to your graduate job? Do you consider yourself to be particularly weak in any of the areas discussed above?

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