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Graduate jobs pay only £3,000 more

Published: Wednesday, 18 March 2009   Category: Life after graduation

University students expecting to receive a boost in graduate job salary thanks to their degree will be disappointed to find that they will earn less than £3,000 more per year than those who did not receive higher education, according to Warwick University research.

The report, which studied 3,000 British people who graduated after 1970, says that some might only earn £2,800 per year more than those who left school after A-levels.

Male graduates with middling degrees in the arts or humanities are the worst off out of all students, who may have been wealthier if they had not attended university, due to increasing debt levels.

Social sciences, including law and economics, promised the highest salaries.

The study said that there was still a "substantial" earnings premium involved with a degree, however.

Graduates may also see taxes for tuition fees after university after a new proposal by the National Union of Students, which was announced in opposition to university vice-chancellors' requested to increase tuition fees.


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