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Graduate job hunters 'should have work experience'

Published: Friday, 10 December 2010   Category: Work Experience

If university leavers are struggling to find paid graduate opportunities, they should make sure they do not waste their time without any form of employment.

That is according to the Irish Echo, which suggested that the recession has caused a shift in the way employers look at potential candidates, with those holding more than just academic qualifications being most desired.

"More than ever a greater weighting is placed on work experience by employers. A lack of extra-curricular skills or work experience can lead to graduates finding it increasingly difficult to gain employment after leaving university," the newspaper said.

It claimed that even taking a call-centre job while looking for employment more relevant to the degree subject can show employers that the candidate can apply themselves in a workplace environment.

Sundaymercury.net recently said that university leavers should not underestimate the value of using online resources in the quest to find graduate opportunities, as the technology makes job hunting "simple".

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