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Graduate job hunters 'must be adaptable'

Published: Thursday, 06 November 2008   Category: Career Advice

Adaptability may be a major asset to university-leavers seeking graduate jobs this year, it has been suggested.

Speaking to the Guardian, University of Newcastle director of the careers Nick Keely said job candidates who demonstrate "lots of personal enterprise" were likely to be the most successful as the economic slowdown begins to impact upon recruitment.

He added that graduates expecting to secure roles in worst-affected sectors, such as banking and property, may have to be flexible as to their immediate employment ambitions.

Mr Keely said that students will be required to do more than simply demonstrate all of the normal employer expectations of graduate skills and achievement.

Last month, Interviewgold.com chief executive Joe McDermott claimed that students should ensure they leave university equipped with the skills required to appeal to employers.

Interviewing well can be as important as possessing a good degree, he suggested.

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