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Graduate employers: which tests do they use?

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: Graduate jobs

Securing your first graduate job may not simply be a case of waving your degree certificate at potential employers and keeping your fingers crossed.

Employers are increasingly using more detailed methods of ensuring that the graduates they hire have the necessary skills to succeed within their companies. While checking references and having an in-depth interview may give employers an insight into an employee’s skills base, tests are increasingly being used to determine appropriate levels of literacy and numeracy.

Here is a roundup of some of the tests used by leading employers:

Jaguar Land Rover: set tests in diagrammatical reasoning, numeracy and verbal skills. This is done online before being repeated in the test centre.

BAE Systems: potential employees will need to carry out online psychometric tests after completing their applications, as well as verbal and numerical reasoning.

Ernst & Young: tests include verbal, logical and numerical reasoning. Before candidates are invited to an interview they will also need to complete online psychometric tests.

PwC: their online application includes diagrammatic reasoning and numerical and verbal reasoning tests, and these are repeated in the assessment centre.

BT: after submitting their online application, graduates will need to complete two online multiple choice psychometric tests. This is in addition to a judgement test, asking candidates how they would respond in different scenarios, and a numerical reasoning test.

L’Oréal: the online application process also includes a psychometric test; candidates will be given an additional psychometric test at the assessment centre. Candidates will also have to sit a numerical reasoning test.

KPMG: sets two 20 minute online verbal and numerical tests.

Royal Bank of Scotland: candidates will need to complete a written test that will test their ability to use and apply the information they are given. This is called an Aptitude for Business Learning Exercise (ABLE) test.

Airbus: will have to complete psychometric tests online in timed conditions to ascertain competencies in the following skills: logical, numerical and verbal. This is before the assessment centre stage.

Transport for London: candidates will have to complete both logical and numerical reasoning tests before establishing a link between a set of cards they are given.

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