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Good money or job satisfaction?

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Most Brits looking for their first graduate position have to decide what kind of job they want. When looking for a job it is important to know what to expect: is money your top priority or is it professional satisfaction?

Obviously, having a job that both pays you well and gives you professional satisfaction is the ideal situation. However, there is normally a long path from a first graduate position to “the dream job”.

When finding a job is difficult –like it is in the current climate-, prioritising is essential. While aiming for the “perfect” job is recommended, there are also other things to consider:

Pay the bills. Do not accept being underpaid. Ensure that the salary you are paid will be enough to cover your main needs. Once this is assured, don’t be too greedy with salary, especially when it comes to your first job after graduating. There are other factors more important than money to consider.

Think about your future. When you are working in a graduate job, the experience you are obtaining is generally the most valuable thing. Try to find a job that you can learn something from and that improves your portfolio. That will be a future investment for your next job.

Professional satisfaction, is there such a thing? Expect satisfaction from your job, but be realistic too. The job market is what it is and there are no perfect jobs - you will always have to adapt. Try to be reasonably happy with your job without putting too high an expectation on it.

Value your values. Money, professional satisfaction, flexibility, social recognition, a family-friendly schedule... there are numerous characteristics to look for when searching for a graduate job nowadays. Think carefully which ones are your top ones and look for a job that best matches your requirements.

What do you value the most in a graduate job? Do you think it is easy to find the ideal job?

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