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Good looks may count against females in hunt for graduate jobs

Published: Monday, 29 November 2010   Category: All Graduate job news

Physically attractive female candidates may be at a disadvantage in the hunt for graduate opportunities, the findings of new research suggest.

While recruiters are supposed to focus solely on the contents of a candidate's CV, a study carried out by academics in Israel found that this is not always the case.

The team reached their conclusions after sending out two resumes to around 2,600 employers across the country, one of which had a photo attached - either of a physically attractive or a more-plain looking candidate - with the other having no photo attached.

Notably, the team found that women who sent CVs with no photos received 30 per cent more responses than attractive women who did send a picture, while women who may be deemed unattractive received 22 per cent more replies.

On the other hand, physically attractive men looking for graduate jobs may want to look into adding a photo to their CVs, with the research finding that this tactic brings twice as many results as omitting an image.

Study leader Dr Bradley Ruffle, from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, was quoted by the Jerusalem Post as stating: "I wasn't surprised by the male result, but I expected to find that attractive people, whether male or female, would have an advantage."

Just recently, Der Spiegel reported that just two per cent of top executives in German companies are women.

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