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Girls Are More In Touch With The Reality Of Graduate Life Than Boys

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Female students are more realistic about the difficulties involved in progressing through university and the reality of finding a graduate job, according to new research.

New research conducted by Friends Life reveal that girls are less optimistic about being able to afford undergraduate life and clearing student debts quickly. Girls are also more resigned to funding their studies with paid jobs and taking unpaid internships as a route into a career.

Overall, however, the study shows that Brits of both sexes are over-optimistic about the salary they will earn in their first graduate jobs. Compared to the average of £20,000 for the 67% of students who find full-time employment within a year, the girls surveyed expected an average of £23,000 and boys of £24,500.

Girls are ready to work hard

The figures also revealed that 64% of the female students said they intended to work both during term time and holidays after starting their degree, while only 46% of the boys questioned had the same intention.

Additionally, 66% of female students - compared to 57% of males - said they expected to have to take unpaid work experience to secure the graduate job they wanted.

Girls also expect to take longer paying off their student loans, overdraft and credit. Females believe it will take 12 years, on average, compared to the 10 years time anticipated by their male counterparts. Overall, only 28% of young students expect financial support from their parents beyond university.

Common beliefs

On top of that, the study also revealed interesting insights regarding university education and graduate jobs. 59% of young people think that the increase in the price of higher education will mean that they will have an increased salary, while 33% believe employers will be less concerned with degree qualifications by 2020.

What do you think? Will paying a higher price for university fees subsequently lead to higher wages in a graduate position?






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