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Fewer people are getting 'full-time, 40-hour week jobs'

Published: Friday, 13 May 2011   Category: All Graduate job news

People looking for graduate vacancies should apply for many, as the lack of full-time jobs is leading more people to juggling two separate roles, according to Amazing People.

Denise Taylor, career coach and job search strategist at the company, said that sometimes this meant the "more marketable" member of a household taking on two positions while another did not work at all.

"The problem is that people just aren't getting full-time, 40-hour week jobs anymore; they are getting jobs that are less than full-time and so they are looking for another job to fill in," she said.

"Also, it is down to household incomes. If one in partnership is more marketable they might well be running two jobs, whereas their partner is unable to work."

Research conducted this week by the Daily Mirror, for its Get Britain Working campaign, found that there were 87,823 part-time vacancies in the UK jobs market. 

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