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Experience and commitment is what employers want

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Recruitment experts advise graduates that having a good level of experience and being committed to their industry is indispensable to find graduate jobs.

“Experience is one of the most important things recruiters are looking for in candidates. We want people who have become actively involved, volunteering and have just shown a little bit more of a rounded approach to their life in university," said Robert Farace, the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement's national resourcing manager, in  a Guardian Careers Talk podcast.

“Young people looking for jobs should show to employers that they have a commitment to the industry they are applying for,” added Hannah Salton, recruitment manager at BT, speaking in the same program.

How to improve your experience?

Whether you like it or not, doing work experience, internships and apprenticeships is the quickest and best way to gain experience in your professional industry these days.

If it is the economical retribution that worries you, try to intern in companies that offer you a certain amount of money back from your work there.

A recent campaign entitled ‘Pay your interns’ is aiming now to “name-and-shame the big brands that are too tight to pay their hard-working interns the wages they deserve”, according to their site. Check it out before applying as an intern.

How to improve your commitment?

Volunteer, volunteer and volunteer. Volunteering for causes related to your industry will show straight away that you care for it.

You could also do courses, participate in projects and get involved in any task related to your professional field. That will increase your experience level and improve your CV too.

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