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Employers 'underusing' young people's IT skills

Published: Wednesday, 05 March 2008   Category: Life after graduation

New research has found that employers are not making use of young peoples' IT skills when they enter the workforce.

The study was commissioned by database software company Filemaker and found that, while 82 per cent of school leavers and 84 per cent of graduates felt confident about their IT capabilities. Just 51 per cent said they were using them at work.

Around 85 per cent of respondents said they were able to use presentation applications such as PowerPoint, but only 39 per cent said they had been given the chance to at work.

Tony Speakman, regional manager at Filemaker, noted that the generation of people entering into the workplace have been surrounded by technology so using it is "second nature to them".

"Today's new recruits possess IT skills that previous generations did not have and job specifications need to be re-aligned to use these skills and incorporate them into job functions," he said.

Filemaker has approximately 285 employees located in eight offices around the world.


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