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Employers to tackle recruitment discrimination

Published: Tuesday, 27 October 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

Some of the UK’s largest employers have announced plans to tackle discrimination in the recruitment process.

The names of applicants will be hidden during the process in a push for greater social mobility, with research suggesting individuals with ‘white-sounding names’ were more likely to get roles.

Name blind techniques are set to be used by a group of public and private organisations, who employ 1.8 million people between them – meaning recruiters will not see the name of an applicant until they are already shortlisted for an interview.

Prime Minister David Cameron described the practices noted in the research as “disgraceful” and said such processes have no place in modern day Britain.

“You send out your CV far and wide but you get rejection after rejection – what’s wrong?” he asked.

“It’s not the qualifications or the previous experience. It’s just two words at the top: first name, surname.”

The civil service, the NHS, the BBC, learn direct, local government departments and the Conservative party will now all implement name-blind recruitment as a matter of course.

Deloitte, Virgin Money, HSBC and KPMG from the private sector will also adopt this approach while one of the UK’s largest graduate employers, Teach First, already uses the recruitment technique.

It is hoped that it will spread further through the private sector although the initial focus is only on 
people at the start of their careers.

Many top positions at senior level are filled based on an individual’s reputation, meaning blind recruitment does not work in these instances.

The move is fantastic news for graduates from a number of different backgrounds though, as efforts to improve social mobility are changing the application process.

Deloitte for instance, recently took the decision to hide schools and universities from recruiters to tackle potential discrimination.

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