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'Employers could pay' to employ people in graduate roles

Published: Friday, 11 February 2011   Category: All Graduate job news

The proposed tuition fees will be very unpopular among graduates and put some people off of going to university, but it would be better to charge employers a tax for taking on graduates instead of the students, according to an independent university guide.

Johnny Rich, editor of Push.co.uk, said that companies intending to employ university-leavers in graduate roles could pay an extra tax to help the situation of tuition fees deterring people from university.

"Another way of squaring the same circle would be to charge employers for employing graduates, instead of charging graduates for having a job which is, effectively, the proposal at the moment," he said.

"This could play a part in a larger picture that refocuses the cost of higher education on all of the people who benefit, including employers."

Last Monday (February 7th), the university think-tank million+ wrote a letter to member of parliament Simon Hughes warning that proposals restricting educational establishments' power to change fees would undermine the experience for students.

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