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Concern over law recruitment

Published: Monday, 04 February 2008   Category: Law

Careers in law for foreign nationals working in Britain are set to come under greater scrutiny under new proposals from the Solicitor's Regulation Authority (SRA), it has emerged.

The body is launching a review to ensure that foreign graduate jobs in law include the necessary training and standards required for the English solicitors' profession, reports the Times.

A proposal reportedly being considered by the SRA would require foreign lawyers to do one year's supervision before they could work as solicitors.

"The purpose of the review [of the test] is to ensure that those who qualify under the regulations have the knowledge and skills required for practising as a solicitor of England," the body is cited as having stated.

College of Law chief executive Nigel Savage told the newspaper that the SRA's measurers have not been discussed and are being introduced without warning, which "could have a disastrous effect on recruitment to the London legal market".

SRA is the national watchdog set up to ensure that standards of behaviour and professional performance are upheld to ensure that clients receive a good service within the rule of law.

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