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Charity sector 'a good place' for graduate jobs

Published: Thursday, 02 July 2009   Category: Charities

Those looking for a graduate job in the difficult economic conditions have been advised by one expert to look into the public sector, particularly charities.

With various reports claiming that the availability of graduate jobs is on the decline, Phil Flaxton, chief executive of WorkwiseUK.org, said that university leavers who are looking for part-time work could approach charities.

The expert explained that charitable organisations are good for gaining paid work experience: "They can't afford to employ [graduates] on a full-time basis, they don't pay particularly big salaries, but they will take people on for a short term, one or two months, at a reasonable daily rate."

He also admitted that due to the state of the graduate jobs market at the moment, degree-holders are being forced to look outside of the traditional methods of finding work.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph recently, James Callander, managing director of FreshMinds Talent, said that temporary work can also provide valuable skills and may even lead to a permanent job.


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