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Canadian lifeline for unemployed UK graduates

Published: Saturday, 06 October 2012   Category: Career Advice

UK graduates who are struggling to find a suitable platform for their skills on these shores may be offered an unlikely lifeline in the shape of employment opportunities in Canada.
Due to an ageing workforce and a number of positions which needs to be filled, Canada is looking to attract skilled migrants to the country, with UK graduates firmly at the top of their hit-list. 

Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister, is set to travel to London in the next week in order to attract as many graduates as he can to the country. 

“There are a number of young Britons who are under-employed or unemployed but are highly educated,” stated Mr Kenney.

“I think so many young Britons have, for some reason, thought of Australia before Canada as a destination for immigration, and we want to be at the front of the competition for the world’s best and brightest,” he added. 

Kenney suggested things like a thriving economy and a closer proximity to the UK as reasons to choose Canada ahead of Australia. 

It is certainly an intriguing option for UK-based graduates that have become frustrated and disillusioned at the sheer lack of opportunities available to them on these shores. If they feel as though their skills will be more appreciated abroad then it is difficult to see why they would not take the opportunity at hand.

Particular areas where Canada is looking to attract UK graduates include IT, engineering computer programming. All of these are known as highly competitive spheres within the UK, where the number of applicants for each available position makes grim reading. 

Have you considered moving abroad in order to secure a graduate job? Do you feel under-valued within British shores and attracted to the idea of trying to follow your career path elsewhere?

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