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Cambridge graduates still take higher-paid jobs

Published: Monday, 14 September 2009   Category: Life after graduation

Those with an economics degree from the prestigious Cambridge University have topped a list of graduates with the highest average salary, raising concerns about the diversity of the jobs market in the UK.

Previously confidential figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency showed that the typical salary for the Cambridge students is £38,000 six months after graduation, while computer science students from Imperial College London were second.

According to the Times, those with arts degrees from newer universities suffer the most when it comes to a graduate job salary, with some gaining just over £12,000 a year.

Francis Green, professor of economics at Kent University, suggested to the newspaper that it had more to do with university reputation: "Some of these students are really hot, they come in to do their Cambridge degree having already got experience in the financial world in Hong Kong or somewhere. It is a signal of high-level talent."

A recent report from the Association of Graduate Recruiters found that those who successfully get onto a training scheme for university leavers could see a substantially greater salary.


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