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Businessmen 'skip Christmas for work'

Published: Thursday, 20 December 2007   Category: Life after graduation

People in graduate business jobs may well be missing Christmas in favour of work, according to a report.

The research, by Clydesdale Bank, showed that roughly one in ten businessmen and women are going to miss Christmas Day in favour of work.

"If there was one day in the year that you'd expect most people to put work to one side, it would surely be Christmas Day, but these findings are testament to the fact that Brits just don't know when to say stop when it comes to work," said Mike Williams, Clydesdale Bank's business banking general manager.

People in business are also likely to miss their own child's birthday as well.

According to the report one in five have missed a birthday in the last year.

11 per cent of people surveyed admitted to missing either New Year's Eve or Christmas Day in the past because of work.

Clydesdale is a Scottish bank that was founded in 1838.

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