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Business-friendly degrees 'shunned by universities'

Published: Wednesday, 26 March 2008   Category: Government policies

Numerous leading universities have resisted government plans to introduce intensive, business-friendly degrees, according to a Financial Times study.

Draft proposals suggest changes that would result in degrees taught over a 48-week period, with most of the learning taking place online or in the workplace.

Some universities such as Liverpool have already begun experimenting with the 48-week model, which the government hopes will improve the link between higher-education and employers.

However, not all universities are enamoured with thee idea, with Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge all expressing disapproval, feeling that it would have a detrimental affect on research and staff workloads.

Commenting on the issue, a Cambridge University spokesman said: "Residence remains core to our degree provision, as does the ability to learn intensively in short terms."

Bristol University said: "At Bristol, research and teaching go hand in hand. The people doing the teaching need the time to do the research."


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