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Britons don't want to work less

Published: Tuesday, 23 November 2004   Category: Government policies | Life after graduation

We work the longest hours in the European Union, but a new survey from The Times reveals that most Britons (78% apparently) would not choose to work fewer hours for less money. The reasons people cited include not being able to afford to earn less, enjoying their jobs so much that they would not want to cut back in return for more free time and not wanting to give up spending money on things they like.

The Times suggests the Government will use the poll as justification for maintaining its opt-out from the European working time directive, which imposes a maximum 48-hour working week.

The survey also suggests that men have more free time than women. “During the week, 55 per cent of men had more than 10 hours’ free time while the figure for women was 41 per cent. Outside work, most people spend most time watching television; men claim to lose their temper less often than women; half of people use holidays to catch up on chores and 75 per cent say that Sundays are no different from Saturdays.”

Source: 23/11/04 www.timesonline.co.uk

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