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Brighton graduate wows with her cycle safety project

Published: Thursday, 10 December 2015   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

A Brighton University graduate has added a new feature to her cycle safety project – an invention acclaimed as a major breakthrough in cycle safety.

Emily Brooke, the founder and creator of the Blaze Laserlight, has now released a backlight – the Blaze Burner. This new feature projects a bike symbol six metres in front of the cyclist and is an asset to those who ride in the dark, especially in the winter months. 

Burning bright

The Blaze Burner is proving a huge success and is now selling in an impressive 52 countries worldwide. Ms Brookes’s new invention, the Burner, boasts a total of 24 LED lights, a snap-shut magnetic bracket and a sensor that enables the light to switch on automatically at dusk. As it gets dark without warning from October onwards, this mechanism is an advantage to those cycling after daylight hours.


Asides from selling in a number of countries, Emily’s inventions have earned her great recognition from her former tutors.

Emily’s course leader, Richard Morris, said: “It’s great to see Emily and other enterprising graduates from our course doing so well.”

“Emily has been passionate about the life saving potential of her designs and has brought great dynamism and intelligence to the building of a business around this product that she deserves all of the plaudits she receives.”

Going for gold

Despite already having two inventions on the market, the bright young graduate is planning a number more – all in the name of safety for cyclists.  Cycling safety is a huge issue today, especially in big cities where it’s often difficult to spot cyclists on the road. The situation is worsened in the winter in rush hour traffic, when there is little light pre and post working hours. 

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