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Art graduates 'unfazed' by recession

Published: Tuesday, 14 July 2009   Category: Creative Industries: arts and design

Those who have spent their university careers hoping to land a graduate job in the field of the arts are not changing their outlook even though they will leave higher education at the height of a recession.

According to Andrew Dickson, posting on the Guardian's culture blog, many members of the arts industry are used to not having a job, with two-thirds of the actors' trade union Equity unemployed at any one time.

However, many of those looking for graduate jobs in the arts believe there are upsides to such uncertainty - one student, Joshua Jenkins, told the newspaper that the highs of finding work compensate for the months of unemployment.

He said: "I get a thrill from that, thinking that maybe I'll be unhappy and sad for a month, then so excited the next. It all changes."

Many young people have been trying to get noticed with the aim of landing a graduate job at the New Designers creative fair this week, reports the Independent.


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