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Apprentice contestants 'interviewed poorly'

Published: Tuesday, 10 June 2008   Category: Career Advice

Contestants on BBC1's The Apprentice revealed weaknesses in their interview technique during last week's semi-final show, a recruitment specialist has claimed.

According to Rhona Lusty from Nigel Lynn, the five candidates interviewed by Sir Alan Sugar's work associates "made a lot of mistakes" during this stage of the recruitment process, reports Onrec.com.

Among the errors made by the would-be apprentices were swearing, with Helene using bad language on a number of occasions, and lying, as demonstrated by university drop-out Lee who exaggerated the length of time he had studied on a course.

Criticising Alex's apparent lack of personality in the interview scenario, Ms Lusty said "it was important to be enthusiastic" and show the interviewer you have the right character to fit in well with the team.

She stated: "Interviews can be hard but a lot of these mistakes can be easily avoided.

"The golden rule is to remain professional but be yourself and let your talent shine through."

Student advice website Career Consulting Corner offers a number of tips to interview candidates including planning sufficiently in advance, maintaining eye contact with the interviewer and remaining positive throughout.

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