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Age discrimination 'most frequent form of work prejudice'

Published: Monday, 07 January 2008   Category: Life after graduation

Young people looking for graduate IT jobs may want to watch out for age discrimination as a recent report has revealed that it is the most common form of discrimination in the workplace.

The research, by business information provider Corner, showed that of the workers who were surveyed, 11 per cent believed that they had been discriminated against because of their age while at work.

Gillian Dowling, technical consultant at Croner, says: "Despite the massive efforts to ensure all employers were aware of how to comply with age discrimination legislation, this form of prejudice has quickly become one of the more prominent forms of workplace discrimination defined by employment law."

Of the employees who took part in the survey, 73 per cent said that they had never been discriminated while at work while just 3 per cent said they had because of their race or disability.

Croner provides information services and training to businesses, among other things.

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