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Disabled Recruitment

Published: Wednesday, 30 May 2007   Category: Government policies

Department for Work and Pensions Minister Lord McKenzie has called on employers to play their part in aiding social inclusion for disabled people.

Employers play a crucial role in ensuring that disabled people are able to play a full part in society through employment by preventing ill-health and injury, and providing appropriate support in the workplace.

Speaking at a RNIB conference in London, Lord McKenzie said: "Increasing the number of disabled people in mainstream employment has the potential to tear down the last barriers to social inclusion for disabled people.

"Just as important as getting disabled people into work, is keeping people in work and preventing them from falling out of work in the first place. Retention and rehabilitation are two of the main aims of the government's Health, Work and Well-being strategy. The strategy recognises that there is a lot that central government can do. But it also recognises that success requires the support, involvement and commitment of a wide range of stakeholders working together."

He called on employers to develop supportive cultures that allow staff with health problems and impairments to work, making the necessary adjustments to help them do so.

Source: OnRec

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