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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


MBA as a shortcut to a graduate job

A Masters in Business and Administration (MBA) is not like any other course. It is internationally known and recognised and it includes other indirect benefits such as increasing your graduate employability. read more...


Good money or job satisfaction?

Most Brits looking for their first graduate position have to decide what kind of job they want. read more...


Top tips to increase your employability

With the latest figures showing that youth unemployment tops 1 million, 21.9% of young Brits are unemployed nowadays. Find what you can do to boost your chances of finding a graduate job.

A graduate qualification is not everything.


PwC fights the “gender gap”

The financial enterprise PriceWaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) is taking action to empower equal rights for men and women at the workplace by meeting a goal of employing 30% females as UK board members. read more...


Experience and commitment is what employers want

Recruitment experts advise graduates that having a good level of experience and being committed to their industry is indispensable to find graduate jobs.

“Experience is one of the most important things recruiters are looking for in candidates. read more...


Improve your email job applications

Online hiring and applying are the dominant techniques that both businesses and applicants are using these days. This is why learning what to do and what to avoid when applying by email is essential. read more...


TV Licensing urges students who watch legal live TV online

University fees are not the only expenditure graduates need to worry about, TV Licensing is reminding students to get correctly licensed if they are watching live TV online or risk a heavy fine of up to £1,000. read more...


The evolution of graduate employees

Since 1993, the percentage of the UK population holding a degree has more than doubled. More graduates mean that opportunities need to be shared among more people. read more...


Graduates face a lifetime of debt

Considering that the starting salary for graduate jobs is now at an average of £25,500, experts are warning today’s youngsters to think carefully about their choices regarding the future. read more...


Universities charged with delivering basic skills to undergraduates

Although students should have mastered skills in reading, writing and arithmetic by the time they embark on their degree courses, it appears that there is still a basic skills shortage among the undergraduate population. read more...

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