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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Best iPhone Apps to help your graduate job search

Modern technology, such as a Smartphone, is a great tool to have on your side when looking for graduate jobs. read more...


Graduate employers are disappointed

A large majority of UK company bosses believe that graduates are not fit for work and lack the basic skills needed to join the working world.

A new study reaffirms the disappointment that is spreading across British employers responsible for givingread more...


Graduate jobs abroad: is it a chance worth taking?

A third of young Brits are seriously considering moving overseas in an attempt to boost their careers and find a better working life. read more...


Is flexible working the new route to graduate jobs?

According to new research, over a half of UK employers will prefer flexible workers in the next two years. read more...


Keys to success in your trial period

Getting a graduate job is not the end of the employment headache... Once you obtain a graduate position there is a certain trial period that you have to pass in order to be successful. read more...


Top ten universities that produce self-employed graduates

Self-employment is one of the best options when there is a lack of employment demand in a society – like there is right now. Some universities are better than others in training their students to become their own bosses. read more...


Graduates recommend going to university

Despite the difficulties in finding a job and the high tuition fees, new research shows that 90% of graduates would recommend A-level students to study a university degree.

The site reed.co.uk recently surveyed over 1,000 Brits, 700 of whom attended higher education. read more...


MBA as a shortcut to a graduate job

A Masters in Business and Administration (MBA) is not like any other course. It is internationally known and recognised and it includes other indirect benefits such as increasing your graduate employability. read more...


Good money or job satisfaction?

Most Brits looking for their first graduate position have to decide what kind of job they want. read more...


Top tips to increase your employability

With the latest figures showing that youth unemployment tops 1 million, 21.9% of young Brits are unemployed nowadays. Find what you can do to boost your chances of finding a graduate job.

A graduate qualification is not everything.

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