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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


New graduate positions in the retail sector

The UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has opened up 200 graduate retail opportunities for next year. read more...


Are graduates and employers beginning to think along similar lines?

Did you choose your degree based on the possibility of eventual employment, or purely vocational reasons? While trends show that today’s graduates fail to choose the degrees that are most likely to lead to eventual employment, the UK is facing a shortage of students in specific areas. read more...


Top ten universities for economics

How much impact can the university in which you gain your degree have on your chances of eventual employment? If economics is your area of expertise, it turns out that it could have significant importance. read more...


Scotland leads the way in graduate opportunities

The majority of graduate job offers have been announced in companies placed in Scotland. read more...


Graduate opportunities grow within property sector

It has emerged recently that many companies within the property and real estate industry are offering graduate opportunities. If you are looking for a position within this sector, why not identify the key skills which are likely to lead to success. read more...


Unpaid internships: Where do you stand?

The lack of fairness regarding unpaid internships is a topic that has led to much discussion lately between employers and interns. A website which has been exposing well-known companies who offer unpaid internships has recently added further fuel to the fire. read more...


Youth unemployment at a 19 year high

More than one in five youngsters are struggling to find a job in the UK these days. 1992 was the last time that youth unemployment rates were as high as they are now. read more...


Government vows to fight youth unemployment

Given the 19 year record high in youth unemployment, the British Government is going to launch several sector-based work academies across England in an attempt to help youngsters find a job. read more...


Graduate engineering positions – What is the real truth?

Much has been said and written recently about graduate engineering positions. While some stories highlighted the lack of jobs within the sector, others hint at more optimism. read more...


SEO graduate jobs: Do I have the right skills?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills are increasingly in demand in the modern employment market. However, an official SEO degree doesn’t exist (yet) in British universities. read more...

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