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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Graduate jobs: Top 10 skills that employers look for

Finding and securing your ideal graduate job can be a lengthy process and candidates are always looking for any hints and tips that will give them the competitive edge. read more...


Loughborough University appeals for online votes for its technology competition

This year’s Enterprise Awards, held by Loughborough University, are looking for people across the UK to cast their vote on winners of its leading university research projects. read more...


Why do STEM graduates earn more?

The suspicions of many have been officially confirmed, graduates in the so-called STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering or maths) do earn an average of 4. read more...


Reasons for studying a PHD

When finding a graduate job seems an impossible objective to achieve, there are other ways or shortcuts that may help you to find an activity that really matches your interests and develops your skills.

Studying a PHD is something to consider in uncertain times. read more...


How to impress in that graduate interview

Although all job interviews are different, there are three questions that you will probably be asked for certain. The better prepared you are to respond to them, the better your chance will be of landing that graduate position.

Tell me about yourself...


Established universities help students land graduate roles

New research has found that those who studied in the more established universities have a better chance of finding a job after graduating. read more...


Graduates Urged to Learn About Finances to Cut Debt

Graduate students will take an average of 11 years to pay their debt after leaving university, a recent study revealed. Most recent students find themselves struggling economically while looking for their first graduate job. read more...


Money Vs Job Satisfaction: What do you value the most?

Most people looking for their first graduate job have to decide early on what kind of job they want exactly. Before accepting a position and during your job search, it is important to figure out your priorities. read more...


Graduates value money over everything else in jobs market

Economic uncertainty and the continuing rise in living costs are the two main reasons why graduates are said to be more concerned than ever with the size of their potential salary as they scour the graduate jobs market. read more...


Half of Employers Value Apprentices Over Graduates

Apprenticeship schemes are gaining value among recruiters and employers, new research has found. According to this study by People 1st, 52% of employers believe apprentices offer better value than hiring university graduates. read more...

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