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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Welsh government to provide postgraduate bursaries

Welsh university alumni having trouble finding a graduate job in the current climate have received an incentive to take up further study to improve their employability. read more...


Graduates with sustainability degrees 'in demand'

Students taking postgraduate courses in subjects related to sustainability and green issues are being head-hunted by employers. read more...


Aberdeen University offers postgraduate discount

Undergraduates of Aberdeen University in Scotland can improve their skills for the competitive job market thanks to a new scheme which will see them get money off tuition fees for further study. read more...


Business management master's recommended for graduate jobs

Those struggling to find a graduate job in the current competitive market have been encouraged to look at taking up further study on a business management course. read more...


Postgraduate degree on-the-job?

Graduates who have taken up a first job but are thinking of increasing their skills in the competitive market could take up further study while they continue employment. read more...


Oxford University sees postgraduate applications rise

More students are hoping to avoid the competitive graduate job market by taking on further study at the prestigious Oxford University, according to reports.

The institution's student newspaper, the Cherwell, revealed that figures from its Graduate Admissions Office show that 17,000 degree-holders want to take a postgraduate course there. read more...


Students taking advantage of free postgraduate schemes

With the economic climate forcing graduate job hunters to consider their options, many universities are now providing incentives for them to take up further study. read more...


Youngsters choosing postgraduate study over jobs

New research has revealed that the economic climate is forcing many people to snub the graduate jobs market in favour of further study. read more...


Stirling University offers postgraduate incentive

A university in Scotland is encouraging its bachelor's degree students to postpone beginning their career by offering bursaries for postgraduate study.

Stirling University pumped £30,000 of funding into the initiative, allowing 18 students to return to the higher education institution to work towards a postgraduate degree. read more...


Larger salaries for Irish postgraduates, research reveals

Students in Ireland who undertake postgraduate degrees will gain higher annual wages when they start their careers , according to a new report.

The country's Higher Education Authority (HEA) revealed that

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