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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Employer/university relationship consultation launched



High Court shuts down 'rip-off interview firm'

A recruitment firm which was claiming to sell job interviews to job hunters from the developing world has been shut down by the High Court in Manchester.

The decision followed an examination by the Companies Investigation Branch (CIB) of the government-backed Insolvency Service. read more...


Internet 'top job application tool'

Today's jobseekers are more internet savvy than ever, with many using it as their number one resource for employment searches and applications. read more...


NHS staff 'happy with job and training opportunities'



Brown 'is worst boss'

Prime minister Gordon Brown has been voted the UK's least desirable boss in a survey of some 1,000 graduates

Mr Brown resisted competition from Ann Widdecombe who appeared third and businessman Alan Sugar who finished fourth, suggesting that graduates may be warming to him due to his television show The Apprentice. read more...


Workplace bullying 'is rife'

More than 44 per cent of managers claim to have experienced some form of bullying in the last year, according to new research

Undertaken by the Work Life Balance Centre alongside Coventry University, the 24-7 survey examined the experiences of work among some 2,300 people. read more...


Recruitment challenge 'posed by Generation Y'

A new study has indicated that today's generation of school-leavers and graduates known as Generation Y present something of a recruitment challenge for employers. read more...


'Pros and cons' for homeworking



Graduate shortfall on way

The number of school-leavers is expected to plummet over the coming decade, which could leave some 70,000 university places unfilled and employers struggling to fill their vacancies. read more...


Graduate jobs market to become competitive

The UK's graduate jobs market will become increasingly competitive, leaving many graduates facing a grueling search for employment, a new report suggests.

Many companies are responding to widespread economic uncertainty and the global credit crunch by cutting back on their recruitment programmes, the Telegraph reports. read more...

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