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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Slow growth in graduate starting salaries leaves many deferring life decisions and wishing they had done

One-third of graduates feel they did the wrong course, and many feel the costs and related debts are stopping them from buying a house, starting a family and saving for retirement six years after they graduated. read more...


Movers and shakers

Graduates no longer expect to stay at one firm for ever. In fact, many don't want to. Julie Ferry talks to three 'job tarts' who believe switching helps their career.

Always on the lookout for their next opportunity: that's the conclusion of a survey of workers published this week. read more...


Show me the Money!

The average graduate owes £13,000 at present. But as tuition fees rise to £3,000 a year, most students entering university in 2006 are expected to emerge with debts of between £20,000 and £25,000. A well-paid career at the end of their studies becomes a vital consideration. read more...


Qualify for a graduated pay deal

The earnings gap between graduates and non-graduates is closing, shows research into the labour market. But graduates are still far ahead in the salary stakes.

It was feared that increasing the number of people going to university might flood the jobs market with graduates and erode the financial returns of having a degree. read more...


Students lose confidence in graduate job market

Student confidence in the graduate jobs market has plummeted since Labour came to power, according to a major survey published today. read more...


Is small really beautiful for you?

A company's size may dictate the resources and opportunities for its graduate trainees. David Williams reports

They're small, they give great responsibility and they're crying out for graduates. That's the theory anyway. read more...


Good News for Graduates: Salaries and vacancies buoyant in 2005

The graduate job market continues to grow, according to research published today (Thursday 10 February 2005) by the AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters). read more...


Graduates confident about job prospects

A new survey reveals that 82% of university students are optimistic about their chances of getting a job on graduation. read more...


Students see degrees as an investment for the future

Over eight out of ten students (82 per cent) are optimistic about getting a job upon graduation; according to the latest UNITE Student Experience study.

On average, students expect to earn just over £19,000 in their first job, rising to £29,500 after five years. read more...


Graduates 'satisfied with jobs'

Most graduates are in jobs appropriate for their level of skills and training, a study suggests.

Research involving 4,500 students who graduated in 1995 shows 85% are "very or reasonably satisfied" with their career progress. Two-thirds said a degree had been required for their current job. read more...

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