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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


New Year's career resolutions

Your average New Year's resolution of not drinking, smoking or spending too much money will only last until mid-January for most people, but for graduates looking to be gainfully employed in 2008, their resolutions will be relentlessly chased until the day the first pay check floats in through the letterbox. read more...


Seminar hosted to talk finance sector skills

The minister of skills David Lammy was joined at a seminar about the finance sector's skills challenge by union leaders and employers today.

Hosted by unionlearn, the TUC's organisation for learning and skills, the meeting was put in place to try and solve the potential problem of a skills shortage in the finance sector in the UK. read more...


Workers admit to considering using Norovirus as fake excuse

Eight in ten workers in the UK have admitted that they would consider using the Norovirus as an excuse to get a couple of days off work, according to a new report.

The research, from employment law firm Peninsula, has also revealed that 73 per cent of employees in the UK have used the flu as an excuse to 'pull a sickie'. read more...


250 jobs set for Doncaster

Students looking for graduate jobs in Doncaster may be in luck as it has been announced that there will be 250 new jobs created there.

Councillors have given the green light to a new development, put forward by Polypipe, which will see businesses and houses built on the former Yorkshire Main Colliery Site. read more...


Employees not happy at work

A third of workers in the UK think that their happiness at work could be improved, according to a new report.

The research, from technology company HP, also shows that over half of employees in Britain believe working flexibly would improve their happiness at work. read more...


Work spelling 'getting worse'

Students who are looking for graduate jobs may want to brush up on their spelling as a report has revealed that 60 per cent of business letters and emails go out with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. read more...


Finance employees looking for flexibility

People looking for graduate finance jobs may be interested to know that employees in the sector rate flexible working as the most important part of their remuneration packages, according to a report. read more...


Pay rises in private sector increase

Students who are looking for graduate jobs in the private sector may be pleased to hear that pay rises are currently averaging at 4 per cent, an increase of 0.6 per cent since last month, according to a new report.

The research, from Income Data Services (IDS) shows that the increases are being triggered by higher inflation. read more...


Number of jobs created increases again

There were 46,400 jobs created in the UK during December 2007, according to the latest Adecco and Mandis Job Creation Index.

According to the index, there was a seven per cent increase from November, which is a much smaller increase than the month previously when it was 54 per cent. read more...


Call centre to create 100 jobs in north-east

A call centre in South Shields is to create 100 jobs, which could be good news for those looking for temporary jobs and graduate jobs.

The new opportunities are just the first phase of Garlands Call Centres' recruitment drive that will see 1,000 jobs created in the north-east area. read more...

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