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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Red tape 'bad for graduate internships'

While more regulation is needed to stop employers taking advantage of graduates, too many restrictions will end up hampering the schemes' usefulness, according to one expert. read more...


Experts angry over graduate internship fees

A careers adviser has warned graduate job hunters who are desperate to find work experience that they should not have to part with money to get onto an unpaid internship.

Jonathan Black, director of Oxford University's careers service, said that those struggling to find an internship can go directly to the read more...


Graduate training schemes 'worth it'

Although competition to get onto a graduate training scheme has increased since the recession began, one university leaver has encouraged young people to "keep at it". read more...


'Work experience and training' for all graduate job hunters

The prime minister Gordon Brown has said that all unemployed young people will receive the training and help they need to find a graduate job. read more...


Internships questioned on graduate website

Former students taking up internships to improve their graduate job prospects are being encouraged to post their feedback on a new website.

Internships Anonymous has been set up by two university leavers for graduates to post their experiences of the schemes in the current climate, to help each other find out which placements are useful. read more...


Government scheme to increase graduate skills

Plans by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to improve the country's economic growth will help boost graduate job prospects for young people. read more...


Graduates on work experience should 'know their rights'

Employers have a responsibility to make sure that graduate job hunters boosting their skills on work experience placements or internships know their rights.

That is the opinion of the Employers Forum on Age (EFA), which seeks to promote an age diverse workforce. read more...


Graduate job hunters 'need teamwork on top of degrees'

University College London (UCL) believes that university leavers looking for a graduate job should be able to demonstrate soft skills on top of the academic ones they gained during their degree. read more...


Christmas jobs 'could improve a graduate CV'

Those looking to land a graduate job after they finish university next year may want to get a head start in developing their skills in a temporary position over Christmas. read more...


CIPD: 'Internships benefit firms and graduates'

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has said how internships can help companies perform better as well as help young people into graduate jobs. read more...

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