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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Students 'considering boosting graduate job prospects through gap years'

Those looking for graduate jobs are increasingly considering taking a gap year to help boost their chances, according to new research.

A study by TMP Worldwide shows 42 per cent of final year students think they will probably take time out after university and 12 per cent of them state they definitely will, reports Consultant News. read more...


Evidence of skills 'vital for graduate jobs'

Those looking for graduate jobs should make sure they can present evidence of their skills to a potential employer, according to one expert.

Speaking to the Times, Fiona Sandford, director of the careers services at the London School of Economics, explains that this can be done by getting involved in a range of activities while studying. read more...


Part-time work 'can lead to graduate jobs'

People who take on part-time work after university should use it to boost their chances of getting a graduate job in their chosen field, according to one expert. read more...


Gap years 'must be planned to boost graduate job chances'

People planning a gap year should choose carefully if they want to gain skills which will come in useful when applying for a graduate job, it has been claimed.

Speaking to the Guardian, Richard Oliver, chief executive of the Year Out Group, explained that simply travelling is not enough to impress prospective employers. read more...


Leadership and negotiation skills 'important for graduate jobs'

Those looking to boost their prospects in the graduate jobs market should look at improving their leadership and negotiation skills, one expert believes.

According to Martyn Sloman, learning and development advisor at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), "everybody" is lacking in these skills. read more...


Soft skills 'vital for graduate jobs'

So-called 'soft' skills are vital to those looking for graduate jobs, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Guardian, Linda Nordling tells the story of Max Robson who, according to the newspaper fits the government's requirements for "the perfect graduate". read more...


'Feedback key' to successful careers

Feedback is key to developing communication and negotiation skills, it is being claimed.

Those looking for graduate jobs could be interested to hear the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) believes such skills are mainly developed through on the job experience during a career and comes through feedback. read more...


Jobs 'big part of students lives'

Part-time jobs are a big part of the life of a student, new research has indicated.

Figures show that over 70 per cent of students have part-time jobs in order to cover basic living expenses, reports the Times. read more...


Open-source software offers graduates 'easy transition to world of work'

The increasing use of open-source software in higher education institutions is making it easier for students to make the transition to graduate jobs, it has been claimed. read more...


Gap year experience 'crucial for graduate jobs'

The right gap year can help people prepare for the world of graduate jobs, according to one expert.

Ben Clifton, spokesperson for Lattitude Global Volunteering, explained that while travelling the world will not add anything to a person's CV, there are other options. read more...

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