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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Public sector 'tempting workers from private companies'

New research has revealed that an increasing number of private companies are losing staff to the public and charity sectors.

Conducted by workplace communications consultancy CHA, the Worthwhile Work study discovered that younger workers are more likely to cross over if they feel the work is more socially valuable. read more...


Concern over "death of talent"

An expert has warned that a lack of suitable candidates within the HR sector could be a "cause of anxiety" for the profession.

Personnel Today reports that Deb Clarke, joint director of HR at Tower Hamlets council, said that there is currently a "death of talent" in public sector HR, graduates may be interested to know. read more...


Top graduates needed for teaching

The government must focus on trying to recruit high-quality graduates to the teaching profession if they want to improve education in the UK, according to a former head of the schools standards unit. read more...


UK medical graduates left jobless

An online application system for recruiting medical graduates has been scrapped, following claims that is has left thousands of applicants jobless. read more...


Prospective Russian undergraduates favour Britain

British colleges, charged with the preparing tomorrow's graduates for universities, are witnessing an influx of students from Eastern Europe, notably Russia. read more...


Students uncovered: many undergrads uninsured

Almost a third of students are likely to go to university without insurance, a new study has revealed.

According to research by Abbey Home Insurance, 30 per cent of students will start the new term without cover - despite having an average of £3,324 worth of possessions. read more...


Ucas issue cheat threat

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas) have warned would be undergraduates that any cheating on personal statements will detected.

The warning, issued in a letter to all UK sixth forms, came after it was estimated that one in 20 students plagiarised their personal statements using the internet and other sources. read more...


UK students have lightest workload

University students in the UK spend less time studying in comparison with undergraduates on the continent, new research has shown.

The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) found that, on average, students had 14.2 hours of teaching a week, which went up to 26 hours including private study. read more...


Students told to improve living habits

A new poll has blamed students, and their poor domestic skills, for the dipping standards of rented accommodation.

The research, compiled by ICM, reveals that 48 per cent of respondents believe that students do not look after their property appropriately. read more...


Brit students flock to US

An increasing number of British university students are opting to study in the US, recent research has revealed.

New figures from the Fullbright commission, has shown that more than 8,000 British undergraduates are opting to take up education in the US where they can receive more favourable funding. read more...

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