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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Students missing out on free insurance

A number of students living in halls of residence could be claiming free contents insurance on their parent's policies, according to Moneysupermarket research. read more...


Four in five students become graduates

Around four-fifths of university students successfully complete their course and graduate, according research.

The figures, form the National Audit Office (NAO), show that 28,000 full time and 87,000 part-time undergraduates failed to start the second year of their course in 2004/2005 entry. read more...


Increase in prospective graduates

The number of graduates is set to increase again over the coming years with another rise in university applications.

The research, gathered by Ucas, has shown that the number of applicants to English universities increased by more than six per cent based on last years figures. read more...


Student finance worry eased by staying at home

Almost one in three, worried about their student finance, intends to live with their parents in order to cut costs, according to a Lloyds TSB survey.

Over 30 per cent students believe that if they had to live in halls of residence or rented accommodation they would not be able to afford it. Last year's figure was 22 per cent. read more...


Leading union resists possible EU changes to public sector recruitment

Unison, the UK's biggest public sector union, has responded critically to suggestions for further European work and business regulations which would have a serious impact on British public sector recruitment. read more...


BBC staff offered new pay deal

A joint union team will recommend that BBC staff accept a new two-year pay deal being offered by the corporation when the proposals come to ballot. read more...


Government urged into major rethink over public sector jobs

Public sector jobs could undergo a major shake-up if the government heeds the advice submitted to its forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review by the Trades Union Congress (TUC). read more...


Qualify for a graduated pay deal

The earnings gap between graduates and non-graduates is closing, shows research into the labour market. But graduates are still far ahead in the salary stakes.

It was feared that increasing the number of people going to university might flood the jobs market with graduates and erode the financial returns of having a degree. read more...


What can I earn?

I am a graduate professional with three years experience, earning £28,000. I am considering a move from the private to the public sector by how much can I expect my earnings to fall?

The short answer is not by as much as you think, if at all. read more...


Is a Masters the answer?

If, according to the higher-education minister Kim Howells, it's a good time to be a graduate, does that mean that it's an even better time to be a postgraduate? The jury is still out. read more...

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