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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Agri-food business expansion could help drive graduate job opportunities

Thousands of new jobs, including numerous graduate opportunities, look set to be created in the burgeoning 'agri-food' industry within Northern Ireland, it has been claimed. read more...


Workers finding graduate jobs more satisfying, study suggests

Satisfaction levels among professionals working in graduate jobs within the UK are on the rise, despite the tough economic climate, the findings of new research suggest. read more...


City council to do more to hold onto Liverpool graduates

The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce has announced plans to step up its efforts to encourage university leavers to stay on and take up graduate jobs in the city.

Under the body's new GRAvitas programme, students attending the city's universities will be advised on the wealth of read more...


Warwick University committed to helping students find graduate opportunities

A prominent higher education institution has outlined its commitment to fully preparing its students for the rigours of the graduate jobs market. read more...


Graduate jobs market 'improving all the time'

Graduate opportunities are far better now than they were a couple of years ago, it was suggested on Monday (November 29th). read more...


Accenture to step up search for top graduates

A leading management consultancy firm has unveiled plans to create dozens of graduate jobs over the next four years. read more...


Graduate employment prospects up, report suggests

The number of graduate opportunities opening up across the UK is set to keep on growing over the coming months, a newly-released report suggests. read more...


Good looks may count against females in hunt for graduate jobs

Physically attractive female candidates may be at a disadvantage in the hunt for graduate opportunities, the findings of new research suggest. read more...


Degree ruling 'could unfairly prevent graduate opportunities in teaching'

The government should not stop supporting Britons with third-class degrees who are keen to secure graduate opportunities in the education sector, it has been suggested. read more...


Doctors facing 'lack of graduate opportunities'

Student doctors are facing a graduate jobs shortage when they qualify, it was suggested yesterday (November 24th). read more...

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