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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


More graduates to be saddled with a lifetime of debt

Growing fees and increased living and rental costs will mean that some graduates from middle-income families will soon be leaving university with more than £30,000 of debt. read more...


Students and parents attracted to new home-ownership scheme

An innovative new scheme allowing students to take a step on to the property ladder while still at university has met with huge success in the first year of its existence. read more...


Workers in the public sector are least likely to be happy in the office

Workers in the public sector have the lowest levels of morale of any UK workers, a new study by management firm Roffey Park has revealed.

The study of nearly 500 UK managers across a range of organisations found that an estimated 40 per cent of workers in the public sector were believed to be de-motivated or unhappy. read more...


Signs of house price slowdown may be good news for UK graduates

Fears that recent UK graduates may find it increasingly hard to step on to the housing ladder may be allayed as UK house prices slowly look to be losing steam. read more...


High street bank announces new graduate finance package

Natwest has launched a new graduate finance package, which will offer a host of incentives to anyone that has graduated in the last three years. read more...


Leading principal calls for graduate job tax

Figures from leading student and executive bodies have hit back at suggestions from a top university principal that a new graduate job tax should be introduced to help fund higher education. read more...


Slow growth in graduate starting salaries leaves many deferring life decisions and wishing they had done

One-third of graduates feel they did the wrong course, and many feel the costs and related debts are stopping them from buying a house, starting a family and saving for retirement six years after they graduated. read more...


Show me the Money!

The average graduate owes £13,000 at present. But as tuition fees rise to £3,000 a year, most students entering university in 2006 are expected to emerge with debts of between £20,000 and £25,000. A well-paid career at the end of their studies becomes a vital consideration. read more...


Graduate career aspirations - a retention nightmare?

A new Young Professionals (or 'Second Jobber') survey conducted by Hobsons as part of their annual Graduate Recruitment Review has found that no less than 91% of graduate recruits leave their first 'career job' within two years. read more...


Is small really beautiful for you?

A company's size may dictate the resources and opportunities for its graduate trainees. David Williams reports

They're small, they give great responsibility and they're crying out for graduates. That's the theory anyway. read more...

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