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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Companies share the cost of graduate recruitment

Two employers in the south-west have taken part in a graduate scheme organised by the Unlocking Cornish Potential (UCP) programme, which has benefitted both companies. read more...


TUC urges higher wage for graduates

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called for an end to low pay for young workers at its Young Members Conference, which began on Friday (March 27th). read more...


Graduates 'may be hit with tax on jobs'

The Treasury has decided to go ahead with a plan to impose tax changes for temporary jobs which would affect 150,000 workers, including graduates hoping to get temporary work over summer. read more...


Australia provides working holiday graduate schemes

Young Britons looking for graduate jobs abroad are increasingly using Australia's working holiday visa grants which have seen a 20 per cent increase in uptake in the first quarter of 2009. read more...


Graduate jobs pay only £3,000 more

University students expecting to receive a boost in graduate job salary thanks to their degree will be disappointed to find that they will earn less than £3,000 more per year than those who did not receive higher education, according to Warwick University research. read more...


Graduates could pay tax instead of fees

The National Union of Students (NUS) has proposed that tuition fees are charged through tax after graduates have left university, rather than charging students.

A report by university vice-chancellors suggests that applications for higher education will not drop even if fees are raised from the current £3,145 a year to £5,000. read more...


MBA graduates turning to their own businesses

MBA graduates are becoming their own boss after deciding to setup their own businesses instead of joining in the increasingly competitive race for graduate jobs. read more...


'Green Britain' will provide 400,000 new jobs

The UK government's green agenda will create more than 400,000 new jobs, according to the prime minister.

Gordon Brown said this week the country's new low-carbon economy could help to address unemployment issues by creating thousands of new "eco-jobs", which could benefit those looking for graduate jobs. read more...


TUC calls for understanding over Facebook in the workplace

A 16-year-old girl has been sacked from her job after posting negative comments about it on popular social networking site Facebook, and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called for a clarification of rules concerning internet usage in the workplace. read more...


Graduate househunters get help from Halifax

Those looking to accompany their new graduate job by buying a house for the first time are confused about the jargon involved with house hunting, but they have received help from a leading banker. read more...

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